2012 Proclaim The Word Revival and Telethon Update

Posted by The Word Network 8/23/2012

"It was truly a blessing to not only see the number of people who called in to support our efforts, but to also see the thousands who received salvation, prayer and healing.  It went way beyond our expectations!" - Paul Crouch Jr.

The Word Network received praise for providing an important opportunity for people to participate in giving, while at the same time, receiving prayer, salvation, and healing!  Hosted by Paul Crouch Jr., Program Director for The Word Network, the live broadcast took place in front of a studio audience at The World Media Center in Souther California.

The impressive lineup of ministry giants (many on The World Network) included; Mark Chirona, Paula White, Richard Roberts, Juanita Bynum, the Prophet Manasseh Jordan, Noel Jones and Jamal Bryant, who brought revival and hope with their powerful messages.

In addition, local pastors like Bishop Donnie Williams, Earthquake Kelley and others, stopped by to lend their support and participate in the telethon.  The Word's own Darrell Scott and host of "Rejoice in the Word", Bishop George Bloomer, helped co-host each night.

Other musical guests included artists like Grammy Award winner Regina Belle, Carman, Judah Camp, Stephen Hurd, The Nevel Sisters, and several others.

Each night the studio rocked with praise and the spirit of revival.  On the second night the anointing was so strong, the show continued for an additional half hour with a powerful anointing covering the entire audience.

Paul Crouch Jr. and the entire Word Network team were impressed and appreciative of the viewers response and participation.

"In addition to the overwhelming blessing and support from our viewers, we are likewise grateful for their financial support.  That support is helping to build The Word Network studio which will bring revival, hope, and the Word of God, to a needy and troubled world" - Paul Crouch Jr.

In a time when our nation and the global community is in need of restoration, a spiritual revival is a powerful tool that brings hope and change to a desperate and seeking world.

And that is why your support is so important at this critical time.  The Word Network is continually expanding our efforts to preach the gospel throughout the world, and taking advantage of every opportunity to reach His people.

If you would like to support our network - If you have a praise report of how The Word has blessed your ministry - or if you would like to contact us for more info - Call, Write, or go click here!

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