Phillip and Patricia Owens

On the first Sunday of June 1988 in the home of Prophet Phillip E. Owens and Prophetess Patricia A. Owens Immanuel's Temple Community Church was birthed into ministry. Two of their children were present, Emanuel Joseph and Rachel Charity. When Prophet and Prophetess Owens stepped into the pastorate they took serious God's command to build Him a spiritually strong body of believers for the work in the end-time ministry. With holiness, righteousness and sound doctrine at its core, the expectation for this nondenominational, multi-racial ministry was deliverance for whosoever will.

Despite the rented halls and lack of amenities of most churches, the ministry grew rapidly fanned by our God-sent leaders and their love for the people of God. God's power was demonstrated at every meeting and by 1990 Immanuel's Temple was ministering to hundreds at every service. It was soon evident God was calling our leaders to build Him an edifice. The ministry continued to grow branching out into the community, the state and surrounding states. And, it was in 1993 that two extraordinary words were received concerning the First Lady – she would would preach the Word all over the world and she is now Prophetess Owens.

As God added to the ministry such as should be saved, He also blessed and added to our leaders. Phillip Elijah Josiah Owens, born Friday, March 29, 1996.

It was on December 19, 1999 by the faithfulness of God and the obedience and sacrificial work of our leaders that Immanuel's Templ left its rented facility in Plumber's Hall and marched approximately 600-strong to its new $10 million debt free Temple. Immanuel's Temple quickly became a spiritual force with ministry trips throughout the country. There was international exposure on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, The Word Network, TCT and Streaming Faith with God-sent witnesses confirming His will for this body. During 2005 Prophet and Prophetess Owens were awarded honorary Doctorate of Divinity degrees as a direct result of The Word Network exposure.

In 2006 God revealed an extension of His will and purpose concerning our ministry name. The name of the ministry was changed to Immanuel's Temple Systems of Church, preparing the way for the addition of our sister church. So it was on November 5, 2007 that the ministry traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada for the official planting of the first church under the Bishopric of Prophet Phillip E. Owens and Elect Lady Patricia A. Owens. The ministry continues now in two locations and two time zones – Lansing, Michigan and Las Vegas, Nevada – ministering to millions upon millions as the Lord has ordained.

Yet, the ultimate in ministry was experienced in May 2011 when 120 Immanuel's Temple saints, led by Bishop and Elect Lady Owens, traveled to the Holy Land where Divine impartation awaited. Witness after witness – young, old, Jew and Gentile, layman and clergy – shared in anointed worship as we ministered to our God. There were no language barriers and no hesitation to receive as the anointing of God fell on whosoever will.