Blue Anointing Oil
The scripture says in Mark 6:13, “And they cast out many demons, and anointed with oil many that were sick, and healed them.” For your donation of $25 or more to help “The Word Network” reach the world with the good new of Jesus Christ, we would love to send you this vial of pure olive oil and spikenard from Israel. Use it when you pray for others, believing that healing is ours if we’ll simply have faith and trust the word of God. Your partnership is very much needed and appreciated, so be sure to call, write, or go on-line today!The phone number is: 855-730-WORD, that’s 855-730-9673Write us at: Word Network Church 20733 West 10 Mile Rd Southfield MI 48075Your Word Network is adding new distribution channels weekly, and together we are going to bring the Gospel to a hurting world.

Gold Crown Keychain
For your love gift of $15 or more, the Word Network will send you this beautiful golden crown keychain - covered with sparkling rhinestones and a pink gem in the center. Crowns are mentioned throughout scripture - from anointing kings to Jesus wearing a crown of thorns on the cross - symbolizing royalty, honor, status, consecration and position. Isaiah 62:3 says, “You shall be a crown of beauty in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem in the hand of your God.” Carry this elegant keychain as a wonderful reminder of your faith! Order one for yourself - your family - and friends - it’s a perfect gift for any occasion! Call now! Call 855-730-WORD that’s 855-730-9673!Thank you for supporting the Word Network - because of your generous love gifts - we’re spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ - to a lost and hurting world!

Subject Bible
The Bible says in Psalms, “Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.” For your donation of $150 or more, the Word Network will send you this incredible new study tool called, “The Subject Bible.” Not available in stores, this Bible is unlike anything published to date. Bound in quality leather, it’s divided into three sections: The first contains the entire King James translation in large print. The second is the entire Bible arranged by “subjects”, and organized into over 4000 topics. The third is an alphabetical index that lets you look up any subject and go directly to the page number where it appears! Also, embossed on the cover is the logo reminding you pray for your “Word Network” daily. If you’ll order right away, we’ll also include a Power Publishing CD-ROM for your computer, and a documentary on the history of God’s word called, “The Greatest Cause.” Call (855) 730-WORD and tell the prayer partner, Yes! Rush me the “Word Network” subject Bible today! That’s (855) 730-9673.

The Jesus Code
For your gift of $35 - The Word network will send you “The Jesus Code” – a beautiful, leathersoft book, that contains 52 easy-to-read questions (one for every week of the year) – its designed as a devotional or to be used for bible study. The questions are taken directly from different books in the bible and the answers, are a commentary by O.S. Hawkins, complete with scriptures to reveal God’s will for your life. Jesus got the attention of his followers by asking questions that made people think. The Jesus Code was written to do the same – asking questions that will challenge, inspire and educate, with answers that will increase your faith and knowledge. This little book is easy to carry - perfect for church, school or work - and makes a great gift for new believers! Call now and order one for yourself - or give as gifts to family and friends! Call 855-730-9673Thank you for your generous love gift. Because of you, we’re spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and hurting world!

Jordan Holy Water
For your love gift of $25 or more - The Word network will send you a special bottle of water taken directly from the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized. Luke 3:22 tells how “the Holy Spirit descended on him in bodily form like a dove and a voice came from heaven saying: "You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased." The Bible lists several scriptures where water was used to spiritually cleanse, purify and heal. Now you can own a bottle of precious water from the river Jordan that was blessed and prayed over by Prophet Brian Carn. Order several to use for special occasions or give as gifts to family and friends! Call today and we’ll rush this special treasure to you immediately!The phone number is: 855-730-9673.Thank you for your generous love gift. Because of your continued support and partnership, we’re spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and hurting world!

Spirit Led Woman’s Bible
For your generous gift of $107 - the Word Network will send you this beautiful, leather-like lavender bible for the Spirit Led Woman of God. This modern English translation is richly etched with the Word logo, and is an excellent study bible or teaching tool. It includes daily lessons, profiles of old and new testament women, scriptures that edify the Word, devotions, colorful maps, deeper training on the power of the Holy Spirit, and guidance for your home and family. In addition there are prayers and contributions from prominent Christian women; Lisa Bevere, Babbie Mason, Marilyn Hickey, Mercy Lokulutu and many others.  This unique bible makes the Word come alive and is perfect for the new believer or seasoned Christian. Call now and order one for yourself - or give it as a gift to family and friends!   Call 855-730-WORD that’s 855-730-9673   Thank you for your generous financial support. Because of you, we’re spreading the gospel of Jesus around the world! 

Israel/American Pin
This month, for your donation of any amount, the Word Network would love to send you this American and Israeli flag pin etched in gold. Wear it as a symbol of friendship and solidarity for the nation and its people. Psalm 122:6 says, “Pray for peace in Jerusalem. May all who love this city prosper.” Throughout the Bible God has protected his beloved nation and prospered those who stand by her. Now Christians can show support for our Jewish brothers and sisters, by ordering this patriotic pin. Remember, for your love gift, we will send you this important symbol to proudly proclaim America’s friendship and allegiance during this historically important time. And when you do, the Word Network will do our part by giving a portion directly to different charities in Israel.  Call now and this treasure will be rushed to you immediately The phone number is: 855-730-WORD that’s 855-730-9673 or go on-line to: The Word and click the “donate” button. Thank you for your generous gifts and faithful prayers of support for your Word Network. Please remember to pray for the peace and protection of Jerusalem, and for God’s chosen people! Shalom!

TWN Blanket
For your donation of just $25, we would love to send you this plush, royal blue blanket with The Word Network logo imprinted into the fabric. Use it to stay warm and to remind you to pray for your Word Network daily! Please call, click or write to order yours today! The phone number is 855-730-WORD (9673) or click on the donate button above!

Mens Neck Tie
For your love gift of $27, The Word Network is offering a unique assortment of stunning silk ties with The Word logo fashionably embroidered on the front. Choose from a variety of colors: red, black, white, blue, brushed gold and silver, to match your wardrobe or order one of each! This unique tie makes an excellent gift for family and friends, so order now while supplies last. Proclaim The Word wherever you go wearing this handsome love gift! Call 855-730-WORD (9673) now or click below to donate via the web.

Prayer Bracelet
For your generous donation of $27, The Word Network will send you a gift both men and women can enjoy! This unique blue and white prayer bracelet is tied with 5 knots and a tassel, like the ones on each corner of a Jewish prayer shawl - a symbol of prayer and faith for thousands of years. Matthew 9:20-21 talks about a woman touching the hem of Jesus garment and believing, “If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole!” Wear your prayer tassel as a daily reminder of your faith – give one as a gift to family and friends. Call 855-730-9673 now and your bracelet will be rushed to you immediately!